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Zumba Classes

Come join our energetic Zumba lessons at Face Off Gym, the best and largest fitness destination in Dubai, situated in the centre of Al Barsha! Prepare to groove, sweat, and dance your way to fitness during our high-intensity Zumba classes. Our 30,000 square foot, entertaining, and energetic Zumba sessions are taught by knowledgeable teachers in a welcoming environment. At Face Off Gym, let’s move, dance, and accomplish your fitness objectives together!

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Spin Class - Ride

Discover the thrilling Spin sessions at Face Off Gym, the biggest and best-rated fitness venue in Al Barsha, Dubai! Explore our 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art cycling studio and pedal your way to fitness. Our Spin courses, taught by knowledgeable trainers, provide a challenging, enjoyable, and inspiring atmosphere that aims to challenge your boundaries and help you achieve your fitness goals. Come enjoy a revitalising Spin session with us at Face Off Gym!

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At Face Off Gym, the biggest gym in Dubai and the best fitness destination in Al Barsha, ignite your fitness journey with our exciting aerobics sessions! Our professional instructors provide dynamic and intense Aerobics lessons in our vast 30,000 square foot facility, which are intended to improve your general fitness, flexibility, and endurance. Come enjoy a motivating and exuberant Aerobics class at Face Off Gym!

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Crossfit Training

The biggest and most vibrant workout facility in Al Barsha, Dubai, Face Off Gym offers CrossFit courses that will up your fitness game. We have a large CrossFit area in our 30,000 square foot facility. Trained coaches teach challenging workouts that emphasise strength, agility, and general conditioning. Unlock your best potential and join us at Face Off Gym for an empowering CrossFit experience!

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Strength Training

Strength Training sessions at Face Off Gym, the ultimate fitness destination in Al Barsha and Dubai’s largest gym, will help you power up your fitness journey! Our experienced trainers lead comprehensive Strength Training classes in our expansive 30,000 sqf facility, catering to all fitness levels. Join us for personalised workouts aimed at increasing muscle mass, endurance, and overall strength. Let’s work together at Face Off Gym to achieve your fitness goals!

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Unleash your potential with Kickboxing classes at Face Off Gym, Al Barsha’s largest and most energising fitness centre!Our expert trainers lead dynamic Kickboxing sessions in our spacious 30,000 sqf facility, combining martial arts and cardio to improve your strength, agility, and overall fitness. Join us at Face Off Gym for an empowering and high-energy Kickboxing experience!

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